Although back in January, I started a Gratitude Journal, it became a difficult thing for me. Perhaps I did not feel as grateful as it demanded (a list of 3 things daily), but I think it was because I was not looking at my life correctly.

Today finds me posting a daily list of the blessings I experienced the day before. Sometimes it is one thing that remains in my memory from the day before, sometimes it is a list of things. The blessings often involve nature, but they also might be a conversation or a book/show I particularly enjoyed the evening before.

I am now considering that blessings (or things I am grateful for) can be anything that nourish my soul at the moment. It does not need to be big. It can be something small or insignificant to anyone else. What is important is that that particular thing at that moment brought joy, peace, happiness to me.

One of my FB friends posted a meme that basically said what is a blessing to me may not be one for you and I responded that I believe that blessings are individual. This is something new for me, but I do think it is true. What blesses me is something that speaks particularly to me. Your blessings might be nice when I consider them…but they aren’t mine. They do not speak to my need. They speak to yours.

Blessings flow. They encourage us. Mine let me know that I am known. Mine speak to my need for magic, beauty, encouragement, love, and, oh so much more!

And, just like that I am back to journaling. Another blessing.

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