Today I recognized that I am not done.

Yesterday I found a neighbor’s extended family backing across my front lawn to get to their backyard. I ran to the door and yelled at the young men that they did not have permission to drive on my lawn. They agreeably left, but I continued to feel annoyed.

When I got up this morning, I realized that, although I am not longer incensed, I am still not at ease with the emotions that event stirred up in me. And…I realized that I am not done. I have not dealt with all the “me” things that break my peace…that try to pull me into that negative space that is so deadly.

I try each day to look for the positive, to focus on gratitude, and to be kind to myself and others. Yesterday reminded me that I am not done with this journey of becoming. I still have a way to go and healing to accept.

So…today I listed one of yesterday’s blessings as “meeting the anger that still lives within”. And, on the way I go…toward my new growth and life.

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