A Winter’s Contemplation

Dictionary.com defines contemplation as: 1. the act of contemplating; thoughtful observation. 2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation. 3. purpose or intention. 4. prospect or expectation. For me, winter means rest...a time for reflecting on what has been and a time for planning for what is to come. It is a time for making … Continue reading A Winter’s Contemplation

Talking too much

In Judaism, there is the concept of "lashon hara"...speaking evil. Wikipedia translates this as derogatory speech about another person. Chabad calls it negative talk. MyJewishLearning says it is scandal-mongering (which for me would need more definition). Halachipedia defines it as "any form of speech or communication that may harm someone else emotionally, financially, physically or … Continue reading Talking too much

Inspiration: living an inspired life

That word is frequently used in a religious context or when talking about an interaction between people. However, recently I had experiences with inspiration that just came from within...or maybe from G-d. Sometimes the ideas pop into my mind as I am either falling asleep or waking, sometimes it is mid-day as my mind is … Continue reading Inspiration: living an inspired life