Looking back over the month

The end of the month is coming soon. Wow! I have been doing so very much. Here’s a list:

  1. Planned to walk for 15 minutes for 30 days. I ran into a bit of pain and ended up taking 3 breaks in my plan. One break was substituting dance exercise from the Body Groove CD for the walking. One break was one day of rest after my brother and sister-in-law pushed me to extend my distance. One break was for two days of rest when I developed knee/leg pain. Overall, though, I found that I enjoy walking my subdivision and now average slightly more than 1 mile. My usual pace is 2.8 mph and my average time is about 23 minutes. Some days I walked with a friend or family, but usually I walk alone. Once my dog went with me.
  2. I am keeping a gratitude journal. The idea is to list 5 things I am grateful for each evening. Sometimes it feels like I am struggling, but a friend suggested thinking of the things as blessings rather than gratitudes. Easier to do, I think.
  3. I am also journaling about my day. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes not so much. I have missed a day or two but not many.
  4. I post a Good Morning picture and greet my FB friends each morning. At first, only one or two responded. However, now I am greeted by quite a few. It is nice to say howdy to people and makes me feel closer to them.
  5. I bought a trailer for that bucket list plan to go camping around the states. Now to get it licensed, insured, and out for its shake-out cruise.
  6. My AirBnB guest room has been in a lot of use over the past two months. Most of the time, it has been the same guest. I have enjoyed her stays.
  7. I planned my garden…at least as far as what I will grow. The seeds have arrived, but I have learned that they should not go into the ground until March. It is hard to wait.

So, I am sure there is more that I have started, but that gives you a flavor. It has been good and continues to be so.

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