Cameras and all

I finally made a list of all the cameras in the house. There are 7 different cameras: KSX 35mm, Polaroid Impulse, RCA Video Recorder, Cannon Rebel T5 EOS 1000D, Canon Powershot A560 Digital, Canon AF 35ml, and a Ricoh Q105Z.

So leaving the Polaroid and RCA cameras aside, I have two digital cameras and three 35mm film cameras.  Obviously all the cameras are old!

Then today, I took a beginning class on cameras and lenses…and found out that the type of camera in use today is a mirrorless one…one step beyond digital! Oh, my. Oh, and my phone camera is actually an accepted type of camera. Who knew?

My next step is to play with what I have and explore. I also want to explore apps for my phone camera to help me edit the pictures I make with it.

I also signed up to attend a Photographer Society meeting, hoping to meet other camera enthusiasts.


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