January’s goals: more thoughts

After 2 days of tracking water intake with a modest aim of 4 glasses, I decided to scrap this idea. I will still aim to drink plain water at least once a day, but I have chosen to forego counting it and giving up the Crystal Light (flavored water) that I enjoy or my morning coffee for it.

After 4 days of walking, I hit a wall. I awoke yesterday with a futile feeling about it all. After discussing things I could do with a friend on FB, I ended up with a more enjoyable walk even though I changed nothing!

I did decide that taking a day off of walking was not a good option. My past experience is full of decisions to take one day off exercising only to have it grow into multiple days off and never getting back on track. I have also been successful when I did some similar exercise daily.

So…I decided that I could substitute dance. Now here’s the kicker. Two years ago, I bought a Body Groove DVD that I have never opened…mainly due to the fact that I do not know how the DVD machine works. I can substitute this dance DVD but I need to learn first how to work the player. That’s called motivation!

I have only two days into the morning prayer trial, not enough to call it a routine. However, it is a way of acknowledging my dependence on and gratitude to G-d for continued life. And, it is congruent with my religious childhood, my venture into the religious life, and my general orientation to spiritual things. I am liking it.

I can’t say that I am eating less, but, after 5 days, I can say that I am back to making better meal choices. Still have way too much sugar and carbs in my life, of that I am sure. I suspect those two ingredients will always be a part of my life…just not so prominent maybe.

I had an experience of responding to a post on FB only to have the original poster take issue with me. When she did, I realized that I knew her. I chose not to continue to respond in rebuttal but to back off. I suspect we will always disagree on the topic, but I chose not to let feelings that emerged from her response to dictate my action. Instead I blocked that particular post so it would not continue to raise negative feelings in me that might interfere with our acquaintance. We just see different sides of the issue. I was pleased with the way I handled this and find that it is a matter of growth for me that I do not need to be “right”.


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